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To Review or Not Review

In the spirit of making a positive impact I am going to put in the effort to post more positive reviews for small businesses that are doing all they can to provide an excellent service. For those of you that may not know this, positive reviews are like asking for someone to sign up for a time share or give blood. As someone that handles reviews online and tries to respond to all, good and bad, it occurs to me that we collectively do not take the time to make positive impacts nearly enough. God knows we find the time to leave an Earth Scorching review when we are pissed or feel wronged, but rarely do we take the time to acknowledge great service, atmosphere or the little things small business owners do to create a experience for customers.

All month long I am going to try to write a non-bias review via Yelp or Google for any positives I can find in my experiences. Was the person nice? Was the place clean? Did the place do something to try and create a better experience or atmosphere for me? I encourage you all to give it a try and see if it helps your favorite small businesses. It may also help us become a little more grateful for some of the efforts we may have not taken the time to notice.

Until then....Super Vape Bros San Diego and Arizona always here to give you our best!

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