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This is America...Don't catch you Vapin' now...

If you have been on another planet this past week you would have missed a tremendous assault on the vaping industry. Actually, the bullshit was big enough to see from another galaxy so maybe you would have caught the flyer regardless. Yahoo posted five different anti-vaping articles on their carousel yesterday alone, many of which showed graphic images of extremely ill teenagers in recovery. President Trump himself announced his support of the removal of flavored e-cigarettes live on television but also mentioned several times that research needs to be done.

I'll just come out and say that this potential ban upsets us as Americans. Super Vape Bros does not condone underage smoking, vaping or anything that could potentially harm teens and we agree wholeheartedly that regulations need to be put into place. What we do not agree with is a ban. A ban is a take-away. It's the Government saying "you can't." It's politicians saying "we will decide for you."

Lets assess the issue at hand. Teens are illegally purchasing black market or online nicotine and THC products. Some users have become severely ill. Our hearts go out these impacted people and their families and while it's easy to point a finger at the vape industry as the problem, the elephant in the room is that teens are purchasing these items illegally. Consider a world where the currently legal flavored e-cigarettes are completely banned, would that prevent teens from continuing to purchase this on the black market where they are already getting these items? Has anyone considered that a ban will only add to the current the black market epidemic thus adding to the amount of illnesses and fatalities? Why is vape solely the blame here? How has big tobacco been able to lay back and pretend that they are not connected to nearly half a million deaths in the USA every year? The list of questions goes on and on, and while the debate continues without proper research or addressing the real issue that teens are purchasing these items illegally the consensus is "BAN."

If there were regulations put into place it would only help to prevent the current epidemic of teen users and also serve to keep the freedom alive for people to make their own choices. The government could then put its resources into eliminating the sales of black market products and prevention programs for teens. Eliminate online sales if you must. Require scanned valid identification as done in California recreational dispensaries if needed. But at all cost, don't eliminate the option to vape for so many Americans who relay on vape as an alternative to cigarette smoking.

You may remember that this summer a group of politicians in Alabama thought that they would think for women and pass a bill to eliminate their rights to choose for themselves.

You may remember every other day this year when innocent people were murdered in schools, churches and public events and us American's only received tweets to heal our wounds versus regulations, improved policies or any real action to make a change.

What I challenge every person to do regardless if you are a smoker or non-smoker is to make a decision on this issue from the view point of people having the right to make their own choices. If we continue to support ban after ban versus regulations and policies that make positive impacts, where will this end? Regardless of how you feel about the use of these products, we at Super Vape Bros will always support the American and human right to make your own life choices.

Banning vape and not cigarettes is like banning vodka and not tequila.

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