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I Saw The Sign

So we are so excited to be putting up our new interior sign here at Super Vape Bros- Glendale. We are currently in the works to have our outdoor signs installed over our entrance as well as drive thru side. This has been a huge pain in the ass with a ton of back in forth that has caused some delays but we are pushing through.

We are not going to blast anyone or leave negative reviews but if I had to give our first sign company a review I would say they deserve negative points. We had the head guy/owner come out and measure our area and then we listened to his fishing stories for a while. He let us know he was leaving on a fishing trip and his guy would get in touch with us. Keep in mind.....opening a new store and not having a sign up is a huge no no as new customers are critical to your growth. Anyways....after weeks of follow up, calls, text and emails we threw in the towel on old fisherman sign guy. He either ghosted us or got swallowed up by the rivers of Montana (RIP).

So....The pojnt is that you will soon seen our bright signs up on our building, shining like a damn diamond. Sorry for the delay. In the meantime, we went ahead and had a custom indoor sign made with Zanvis and I have to say this thing was worth every dime, nickel and penny. If you are looking for a dope custom indoor sign I highly recommend them.

Say "Yes" to Zanvis, Say "Hell No" to a Casper the Punk Ass Fisherman Sign Guy!

-Super Vape Bros

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