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First You Got to Remember to Forget

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

It's 2021. For those of us that survived the twilight zone thus far, congratulations! Sincerest apologies and condolences to those that have lost loves ones. I know I certainly did.

It was a year to remember or maybe forget? From Kobe to COVID to Wakanda Forever, I definitely could not forget 2020 if I had to.

I do want to thank all the loyal customers out there that showed all the love and support as we worked hard to do the same during an insane time. From being forced to close down temporarily to offering delivery service to getting back to semi-normal we appreciate everyone for all the support and love.

As we continue to move through this pandemic we will continue to keep customers safe and expand on creating a fun and great atmosphere for everyone that comes through the door.

No matter how crazy this shit gets we will always remember to bring our best for our customers, forget about the bullshit and make it a great time at Super Vape Bros.

-Super Vape Bros

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