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Earth is 4.543 Billion Years Old but the Night is Still Young

So when you're walking around Gaslamp Quarter you pretty much see a little bit of everything during the day. Guys on scooters, people trying to slang you some goods for crack money, tourists asking if you know "where Hard Rock Hotel is located" and of course the local Starbucks regulars. It could easily be mistaken for a sleepy downtown on a Monday afternoon.

The difference between day and night still blows me away. Something about the San Diego evening, warm breeze and electric vibe always makes me feel alive. This city is on steroids when the sun goes down, the music plays and the bottles pop. Ladies in packs dressed to-the-nines, Pedicabs bumping music and carrying that bachelorette party from the mid-west, Barley Mash, Omnia and Fluxx with lines around the block, the Pizza guys loading up on extras before the drunk rush.

Gaslamp takes no nights off so neither does Super Vape Bros. Open until midnight, every night to do our part to keep the night alive.

This planet may be 4.5b yrs old but the night is always young in Gaslamp Quarter.

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