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Come Thur or Drive Thur

We always had our eyes on Arizona. We took a few trips out there to visit and scout out good locations. When it was 115 degrees out, I thought, "wouldn't a drive-thru be awesome out here?"

Welcome to Super Vape Bros- Glendale. Not only do we continue to have the best service in the business, all authentic products and the most welcoming smoke shops around, but now we offer a drive thru option for those that want to skip the heat or just need to get on their way.

Located at 6666 W. Peoria Ave #128. Glendale, AZ. 85302.

Come check out the new location and play some free classic arcades, PS5, Switch or join us for Sundays for Mimosa Sundays and football. We're excited to bring a quality shop you all deserve to Glendale and we're excited to meet some new faces and make some new friends.

-Super Vape Bros

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